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Tema Formacion Fecha Enlace
No Drama Queen Lawrie Inmersion 1997
Renegade 303 Star Power 1994
Purple Heart Rebell Yelle 1997
This Old World Is In A Helluva Fix Rozzers Dog 2001
Psycho Thrill Carbine (C.Liberator & The Geezer) 1996
World War 303 Rozzers Dog 1998
Silver Surfer Time Stretch Armstrong 1996
Why Would You Want To Be Me Crash N Burn ( Aaron Liberator & Geezer ) 1996
Massive Line Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss 2003
Ad Astra Time Stretch Armstrong 1996
The E Spot Cosmic Trigger 1995
Jack me D.A.V.E. The Drummer & K.N 2000
Mito City Express D.A.V.E. The Drummer & K.N 0000
Old Skool Rush Dynamo City 1998
London Acid City Lochi 1995
Speedfreak Secret Hero 1996
Acid War D.O.M. 1994
404 D.O.M. 1995
Lightspeed D.O.M. 1994
Abcessive A+E Dept 1994
44 Calibre Magnum Force 1998
Acid Techno...all the time ANT & DDR 1997
A Right Bunch Of Charlies Magnum Force 2003
Dirty Dancing remixes Imposters 2004
Firefight Cosmic Trigger 1995
Way of the Samurai C.Liberator & Sterling Moss 1998
What ya gonna do? Shoot me? Dynamo City 1997
Bomb in your ass Dynamo City 1996
get it toguether Where? What? When? 2003
You can see it Trip hazard 1999
We are the ravers Carbine (C.Liberator & The Geezer) 1996
Dinamo City C.Liberator & D.A.V.E. The Drummer 1997
Experiment 4 A+E Dept 1995
Revolution 909 A.P. 2000
Nothing Can Save Us London Original Mix Star Power 1994
Nothing Can Save Us London Rmxs Star Power 1995
Blow The Bloody Doors Off Magnum Force 2003
Mobile Dogwash meets Dynamic Intervention 1998
I´m Bored ( Love Acid ) Liberator & Sterling Moss 1997
The rabbit´s name was A+E Dept 1994